Gender: Male
Age: 5 months
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier,

Aspen/Teddy is good with:

Children: 5 to 10 yrs of age
Dogs: Male and Female
Cats: Male and Female


Our gorgeous boy Aspen is now ready to find his forever home. Aspen came in a few weeks ago at 18 weeks old, after his previous owner had badly abused and mutilated this poor little lad, despite that hr is the most wonderful happy boy, he is great with other dogs, fine to live with dog savvy cats, and could live with children 5 plus. Aspen is due to be neutered in 4 weeks time, and at that time the vets will investigate further the wounds underneath where his sheath should be, to check how it healed naturally. He may need a further surgery which will be covered by the rescue, with a donation from Wags and Bones staffy support. Over the past few weeks spent in foster, Aspen has shown signs of deafness, he can hear whistles and squeaky toys, and will turn around if he feels vibrations on the floor from an object being dropped. He shows no response at all so far to voices or clickers. Because of this, his foster has been teaching him signs, he is such a clever responsive boy and will need an adopter with either deaf dog experience or who will totally commit to his ongoing training and socialisation. He is an amazing boy, so loving and bright and will make just the most perfect family dog. Aspens adoption donation is £250 which includes all vet work, he is fully vaccinated and microchipped already. Apps to please. A huge thankyou to the lovely Tracey from TMS Photography - Equine & Dog Photographer for these stunning photos, we really appreciate your time and help.

This dog is currently not available for foster or adoption

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