Gender: Male
Age: 8 months
Breed: Cat,

Barnaby is good with:

Children: Over 10 yrs of age
Cats: Male and Female


Little Barnaby is now ready to look for his forever home. He is a gorgeous, one eyed 9 month old, full of fun and plenty of character. Barnaby needs a fairly specific home with a cat savvy family, he is fine with older kids and other cats now. Below is a write up from his foster family who have worked so hard and totally turned this little lads world around. Barnaby is vaccinated, chipped and neutered. His adoption donation is £75. He needs to really go to someone who knows cats and kittens. He is fine with kids and other cats, but they will need to be easy going and very understanding. Barnaby isn’t aggressive but still a very playful/boisterous/dominant kitten so seems to need attention both from humans and/or a cat who is willing to play fight! He is still a bit over zealous with his teeth but less so with claws He still growls over “treat foods” and some human food, but not in a way that I’m scared to go near him and take it away! One way it’s calmed down is allowing him to have it as long as it’s safe, to let him know food isn’t going to be taken away. On the same thought, a constant unrestricted food source - dried food, helped massively! Thanks to Neil Johnson Photography for the photos of your lovely foster boy!
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