Gender: Female
Age: 6 months
Breed: Cat,

Cosmic and cobweb is good with:

Children: Over 10 yrs of age
Cats: Male and Female


Cosmic and Cobweb are 2 very special kittens that are currently around 5 months old. They were born and lived for months in an industrial estate, to a tame stray mum but her babies all feral. Mum was heavily pregnant again when we got them all safe, and has since had 5 more kittens. They have been in foster for some weeks now, and have gone from terrified kittens who hid at any opportunity, to being happy with humans around them, they don't run off any more. Cobweb will come up for a fuss and is happy to be picked up now, Cosmic is still a little more wary and will allow you to stroke her but it's a very gentle approach with them both. They will both be vaccinated, chipped and spayed before adoption, and will be rehomed as a pair only. They will need to be in a young child free home, could live with other cats and maybe get used to a cat savvy dog in time, but would be better without

This dog is currently not available for foster or adoption

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