Gender: Male
Age: 1 year 11 months
Breed: Cat,

Crookshanks is good with:

Children: Over 10 yrs of age
Dogs: Male and Female


Unfortunately Crookshanks is looking for a new home, he hates other cats and being confined to a house so needs a home away from other cats and with space outdoors to explore. He is neutered, vaccinated and chipped, fine with dogs and kids, and soon to be 2 years old. Please see the following from his owners, application form is at Crookshanks The gentlest, cuddliest, most loving and purrrry cat He loves children and dogs, is playful and absolutely gorgeous!! We need to re-home him. He needs to be an outdoor cat, and we can’t allow him out. He is very threatened by and agressive toward other cats. And because we live in a row of cottages, we are forced to keep him indoors. And he wants to go out. He doesn’t go far, but we want him out. We want him chasing butterflies Please share this with anyone you know who could give him the life he needs to live. Well also consider a new home who can build him an outdoor run, keeping him safe from running into other cats. We can’t do this in our house. Please help if you can. He is a purrrfect cat and we love him so much we want him safe and happy. Our boy x

This dog is currently not available for foster or adoption

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