Gender: Male
Age: 10 months
Breed: Labrador Retriever,

Enzo is good with:

Children: Over 10 yrs of age
Dogs: Male and Female


This gorgeous lad is Enzo, an 11 month old black lab boy. Enzo came into foster a month ago and has now been neutered, he is fully vaccinated and chipped and now ready to go to his new home. Enzo is a very active boy, he needs a good couple of walks a day so he can burn off his puppy energy of which he has plenty! He has a very sensitive tummy, he is currently on Chappie wet food mixed with a natural kibble as it's the only way to stop him having loose very smelly poo. He would probably really benefit from being raw fed, and most definitely no human food or tidbits. Enzo is great with kids big and small, but he is very boisterous and still mouthy, he will try to snatch anything he wants straight from hands and can catch you when he does it. Enzo is good with female dogs, and fine out and about with male dogs but ONLY if neutered. He will not tolerate entire dogs, and will show you that he isn't happy. He is only very recently neutered, so it's likely that this will settle down in time as his hormones settle but there is the chance it may not. Enzo really needs a very active outdoorsy family who will give him plenty of exercise, he is toilet trained but very destructive when left and will chew anything in sight if not crated when left alone. Enzos adoption donation is £185, applications to please.
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