Gender: Male
Age: 2 years 4 months
Breed: Bulldog,

Harry is good with:

Children: Over 10 yrs of age
Dogs: Female


Harry has been in rehab now for a few months due to his anxiety and reactive behaviour, he is now looking for a breed or fear experienced home. Harry came into rescue after being owned by someone who had crated him for over a year with very little out time, he is fearful of men now and does have bite history. He has always been great with young kids, but due to his previous history a child free home is needed. He is a young energetic bulldog, and will need a large garden and spacious house as he is a bouncy boy. He needs a patient home that understands that despite him being the cuddliest, most affectionate boy he does worry and needs buffering and reassuring with new people and places. He needs to go on similar walks and have a very gradual change to a new life so same walking route, same routine and people each day. He does get anxious and will either lay down and refuse to move or seek a hiding space if he is scared. So a patient understanding home who will not push him when he is showing that he is uncomfortable. He's been fine with all animals at rehab but has fought with Male dogs in a previous home. Harry is toilet trained and none destructive, he would be fine left for a few hours a day but needs a set routine so someone home a lot is ideal. If you can offer Harry the home he needs, please get in touch.

This dog is currently not available for foster or adoption

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