Gender: Female
Age: 2 years 7 months
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,

Poppy Cav is good with:

Dogs: Male and Female
Cats: Male and Female


Poppy is a lovely little girl who has come into rescue as she has bitten the resident 9 year old child (We are not sure of the reason why) but due to this she will need to be re homed to a child free home which includes no visiting children. She has shown no signs of aggression in her foster home towards the other dogs in the house - if anything she is scared of them, they are big dogs. She did live with a cat but has a severe flea allergy so would need to be treated regularly for them. She is currently being treated for a bald patch on her back due to this. She is a timid little girl and will need help bringing her out of her shell. When she learns to trust she is the most loving, loyal dog. She will be neutered shortly and is starting her course of vaccinations this week. Poppy has luxating patella in her rear kneecaps, this does not currently need surgery, however when she jumps too high they will on occasion pop out of place and she does manage to pop them back into place herself. This is something all potential applicants should be aware of, as one day she may need surgery and this is costly, and uninsurable. Ideal home would be a slightly quieter one with a calm small dog or no other dogs and no children. Her adoption donation would be £185

This dog is currently not available for foster or adoption

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