All of the dogs being fostered in rescue are in need of loving, committed forever homes. Each dog has his/her own needs and requirements. We try and give as much information as we possibly can to potential adopters to ensure a good fit, and try to prevent bumps in the road. We ask that you read, and consider all the information provided on the dog that you're considering adopting, and ask any questions you might have. Before adopting please consider the following things:

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  • Commitment period: Adopting a dog means that they will depend on you to keep them safe, warm, fed, and well cared for, for the rest of their lives. Which in some cases may be 10+ years. Before you adopt please consider if you will be able to commit that many years to your new dog. One of the more common reasons for dogs coming into rescue is that their owner is moving abroad.
  • Settling period: Some dogs, when move become unsettled. It can take them time to settle in and become part of your family, and routine. Some dogs settle faster than others, the settling period can be anywhere from a week to a month, sometimes longer. During this time, your new furry family member may act out. This varies from dog to dog, some dogs don't act out at all, while others take to chewing, 'marking' (soiling inside the house), testing boundaries, acting depressed, or clingy, among other things. Please be aware that this could happen, and consider if you have the time and patience to help your dog become a calm, confident, happy dog. (Please note: the rescue can provide help, and advice to work through any issues that arise.)
  • Exercise: Different dogs have different exercise needs, and energy levels. Working breeds will need a lot more exercise than others, before adopting please research the breed you've fallen in love with (or cross breed as the case may be) and make sure you're ready to dedicate the time and energy commitments you new dog will need. This is another common reason for dogs coming to rescue
  • Time: Dogs need interaction, cuddles, walks and stimulation every day. This means playing, training, cuddling, loving and more every day. Please be sure you have the time required to give your dog proper attention and stimulation. Dogs who are not properly stimulated sometimes act out.
  • Monetary: Dogs cost, from toys, to treats, food and vet bills. Every month you will have to pay for these expenses. Please be sure you're able to commit the sum of money to your dog that he or she will require.

General advice: Your dog may have come from a bad background. Some dogs who come into rescue have been neglected, under fed, mistreated, ignored, and sometimes worse. Every new owner will be disclosed FULL details of the dog they've applied to adopt. We feel our full disclosure policy enables new owners to make the right decision for them and their families. We also feel that it can and does help prevent bumps in the road, and helps new owners to assist their dog in settling into their new life more easily. Dogs have feelings too and when they've been hurt, it may take some time to trust again, and feel safe. We endevour to ensure we make this as easy as possible, so if at any time there are problems, come to us and we can help you. The sooner the better.